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How to use Breadmaker

There are certain specific ways of going for the bread making procedure. You cannot just mix up the ingredients and pour these into the brad maker. For tha6t you will first have to go through the manual carefully. The manual will tell you the exact procedure to bake breads and that is too, tasty bread. You can find a recipe book too with the bread maker which will help you a lot in making the best one. You will have to take the ingredients in the correct ratio and then mix up well. Now pour this mixture into the pan of the bread maker and then the yeast. After that close the bread maker and put in the exact temperature as it is asked in the recipe. Wear the baking gloves for getting the pan out of the bread maker and then shake it reversely on a plate or some tray. The bread will come out as the shape and you can then let it be cool. Your bread is ready now!